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We take care of ALL your product development, design and dev management needs. Your team is happy because they have less things on their plates. And everything's moving quickly and smoothly.

Our Process

What to expect when you work with Meta Craft

Let's get to know each other

Before getting things started we want to know how your team works, and what gets you all out of bed in the morning. Initial contact is usually via email, phone or Zoom.

It's time to do some product and user research

You hired us to help you build a new product. To fix an existing one. Or to improve your product development processes. Whatever's the case, this is the part where we listen, learn and understand your needs and the problem you're trying to solve. And do all the necessary product and user research. Because we build products based on facts, not assumptions.

We build a prototype & test assumptions

This is the phase where we build a minimum viable prototype to test 1–2 use cases. The goal here is to test, learn and minimize the risk of making wrong product development decisions. Prototyping early, will save you time and resources in the long run.

Design & iterative development process starts

We break down the software development process into smaller chunks, creating cycles. We do this so we can focus on solving specific problems. Each cycle typically lasts 2 weeks, but isn't expected to pull off a complete product. With each cycle you'll get a staging link. So you can see how everything looks and works, and give us feedback. With each cycle extra features can also be designed. And tested until you have a fully functional product.

'Ready to ship it'

This is the product design verification phase. Think of it as the moment to do the last checks and to polish things up. Once you sign off everything, it's time to go live.

The 'Production Support' phase.

We're not the kind of digital product & design agency that goes on long vacations to Bali after the job is done. Post-launch we do proactive monitoring, maintenance and production support. Because our job is to make sure everything works smoothly and perfectly. And if you need any advice on how to fix new problems or scale your product, we're here to help and guide you along the way.

And if you need any advice on how to fix new problems or scale your product, we're here to help and guide you along the way.

Chic Every Weather

iOS ∙ Backend

A personal assistant that will look out the window and come back with the perfect, weather matching look for the cosmopolitan woman.


Forum Lens

Strategy ∙ iOS

New York's top tutoring and test prep network. For students who want to score higher on the ACT, SAT, SSAT, and ISEE tests.



iOS ∙ Backend

Autopay for independent pros. Just log your hours and expenses in the app. Felix will automatically invoice your clients and deposit your payments.

Real Results

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