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Felix: iOS app

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How Meta Craft helped Felix build an autopay invoicing app for independent professionals

Felix App

The Challenge

Thomas Howell is the Co-Founder and Director of two companies, Forum Education and Felix. Felix was born as a venture to scale a payments system Thomas and his co-founder David built for Forum Education, a tutoring agency in New York City. Thomas and David hated invoicing, and collecting payments was a complete nightmare. That's why they ended building an online payment system that changed this. The system could generate invoices, deliver them, charge them, and pay tutors. It was such a big success that Thomas and David had another idea. To build an iOS app based on Forum Education’s payment system, but for a different audience. For freelancers/independent professionals. They called that app Felix. But Forum Education's payment system was actually less advanced than what they wanted to build for Felix.

That’s where Meta Craft came in. We helped in basically all aspects of development. This included strategy, iOS dev and dev management.

We wanted to build an iOS app based on a payment system we had developed for our other business. But we didn't have an appropriate dev team at all for the new product we wanted to build. Most of the problems in the development phase were due to poor product design.

Thomas Howell
Co-Founder and Director of Felix

The Solution

As an extension of the Felix app product team, we worked hand-in-hand to simplify the product development process. And improve the design in a second iteration. To appeal to a new target audience: freelancers and independent professionals.

Add sessions quickly
Add sessions quickly

The Result?

A new iOS app that helps independent professionals get paid, faster. Felix was built from scratch as "Autopay for independent pros." If you're an independent professional, you just have to log your hours and expenses in the app, and that's it. Felix handles all the rest. Felix automatically invoices your clients, charges the invoices and then deposits payments. Every week, like payroll.



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