Frequently Asked Questions


How soon can I get my prototype / MVP?

Although there is no recipe for a prototype and each solution we deliver is unique, expect it to take no longer than 2 months.

You will also get a clearer picture as soon as we have our kickoff meeting.

I recently went through a bad experience with outsourcing. I had to deal with late deliveries, poorly implemented features and awful designs.

Why should I trust you to build my next product?

Think of us as your partner, not outsourcers. We work closely with you and your team in order to find the solution that best fits your needs and expectations.

We are straightforward, honest and will give you a clear understanding of what development speed you can expect right from the start. 

Given our main focus is quality, we will be happy to show you any of the multiple projects we’ve worked on the past.

I'm in a different time-zone, how will we be able to communicate during the project?

We find real time meetings necessary and productive. Working across multiple timezones is something we’re confortable with and it is also possible to schedule a real time call.
For more asynchronous communication we use Slack.

My product requires a very complex iOS app, does it fit into your standard programs?

Our packages were designed to build up your product idea and bring it to live through a prototype. If you require a more complex application reach out to us.

I need someone who will partner with me. Will you take equity as payment?

No. We enjoy working on different projects for different industries. That’s what makes our team great: people from multiple backgrounds and talents building what they enjoy.

We don’t want to invest in your product, we want to build it and help you achieve success.

I already have an app, but it needs improvements. Can you help me?

Yes, reach out to us and we can schedule a call.

After concluding a program, can I request changes to my app or Backend Server?

Yes, you will always be able to request changes to your app or backend but those might not be included in the initial package.